WTAMU Dining Services supports students who have food allergies by providing information & knowledge
that is necessary to make informed food choices. Here is how a student can be proactive in the
management of their food allergies:

1. CONTACT Dining Services to develop a plan to safely navigate dining on campus
2. BE AWARE that food prepared in our kitchen may have come in contact with common food allergies - special measures can help to minimize risks
3. READ station signage, menus & ingredient information in order to BE BETTER INFORMED
4. BE AWARE of HIGH - RISK foods & locations
5. NOTIFY the manager on duty if you have a question during a meal


1. ALWAYS carry your Epinephrine auto - injector (i.e. EPI - PEN) as prescribed/recommended by your physician
2. BE PROACTIVE in self - management of your allergies
3. KNOW WHAT TO DO in the event of an allergic reaction
4. SCHEDULE a consultation with Dining Services to review the dining program on campus

1. GET HELP IMMEDIATELY - Dial 911 to reach emergency services
2. Administer your EPI - PEN or take an antihistamine as prescribed or recommended by your physician DO NOT IGNORE MINOR SYMPTOMS
3. DO NOT RETURN to your room or residence hall by yourself - Call UPD 806.651.2300
4. NOTIFY Dining Services of food-related reactions as soon as possible to address the incident

1. Visit for more information on WTAMU Dining Services
2. Contact Food Service Director Michael Ives at 806.651.2715 or email:
3. Student Health Services at 806.651.3287 for EpiPen information and guidance on allergies
4. Connect with Residential Living at 806.651.3001 or email: